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​​​Video Games and Used Electronics

Are you looking for a great place to enjoy shopping for your video games deals and consoles? Then you have found the best video game store possible. You can find video game consoles, video games, and video accessories from Atari to the newest generation. Unlike other electronics stores we still carry NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, PS1 and so much more.  If you are looking for new or used video games you can find them here and enjoy your stay at your favorite video game store. We have a great selection of used electronics as well.  We have a great electronic repair service as well. Tabletop gaming and Card Gaming like Dungeon and Dragons, Pokemon,. 

Looking for a place that can repair your broken system?  Our electronics repair department can help get you there. 


This place has an entire library of games and equipment you'll never find at some chain store like GameStop. Half of my classic collection came from this place, and they have the new stuff too. If you didn't pre-order some big title, and GameStop says they have no idea when the next shipment comes in: Gamers Edge has a copy. They even offer warranties, cleaning, and repair for everything in your collection.

Cody Hosford

In a world full of GameStops, Gamers Edge is a breath of fresh air. It is a walk through nostalgia. They have older systems, games, and accessories, which corporate videogame stores mostly do not. I'm talking Atari and Colecovision all the way to current gen. They even have systems hooked up to TV's so you can try used games before you buy them. I felt like a kid again when I recently visited. They also let me charge my electronics when I lost power from the hurricane. Very friendly staff. They have events and tournaments too. Go check it out.

Brandon Sowers

My wife and I love this store! We are not regular customers, but we enjoy the local business feel. Like their customers are family. Its nice to be treated with respect even though we are totally clueless to the gaming world. Lol. Thank you Gamers Edge.

The Gamers Edge Ocala

Neal Clayton Foote II